Adding Manual Discounts to Quotes and Orders in Dynamics 365

Colin Maitland, 27 July 2018

In the first part of this three-part series I will describe two methods by which a discount can be manually applied to a Quote/Order in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Orders and Quotes have the following fields that may be used to apply a discount:

•    Discount Percent: Is a manually applied percentage value that discounts the Quote/Order by the specified Percentage.

•    Discount Amount: Is a manually applied dollar value that discounts the Quote/Order by the specified Dollar Amount.


Any discount applied to the Quote/Order in this manner applies to the Detail Amount which is the total Tax exclusive Extended Amount (i.e. Amount - Discount) of all the related Quote/Order Products.

It is common practice to apply only either a Discount Percent or a Discount Amount rather than both to a Quote/Order. Microsoft Dynamics 365 does not enforce this. If required, this can be enforced by adding some custom programming to the Quote/Order form or entity.

If both a Discount Percent and a Discount Amount are applied to a Quote/Order the discount is first calculated using the Discount Percent and then calculated using the Discount Amount; i.e. the Total Discount Amount = (Detail Amount – Discount Percent)Discount Amount.


In my next blog I will describe three methods by which a discount can be automatically or manually applied to Quote/Order Products.