• 3 Easy Steps to Turn on Email Engagement in Dynamics 365

      Arpit Malhotra, 17 July 2017

      Email Engagement is one of the features in the new Relationship Insights Suite for Dynamics 365. It provides the ability to see email statistics and helps to better track email communication engagement with the customers. It also allows you to monitor things like the opening of an email, tracking if

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    • How to Connect to Dynamics 365 from Microsoft PowerApps

      Arpit Malhotra, 20 June 2017

      PowerApps let you create custom business mobile apps with little or no code. Using your Dynamics 365 dataset, you can create useful mobile apps for your business, publish and share in no time. You can connect to various cloud applications such as SharePoint, Twitter, Dynamics 365, Google Drive, OneD

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    • Quick Overview of the Dynamics 365 Learning Path Feature

      Arpit Malhotra, 29 May 2017

      Learning Path is a new feature that was introduced in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help on-board new users. It’s a custom-made and interactive assistance that can be tailored for the users. This feature is available in December 2016 update and in all latest online versions. In this blog, I’d like to di

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    • How to Create Dynamics 365 Notes from OneDrive using Microsoft Flows

      Arpit Malhotra, 19 May 2017

      Microsoft Flow service helps you to create and manage automated workflows between your favourite applications and services that help you work smarter and be more productive. It empowers your ability to trigger workflows at the tap of a button, turn the flows off anytime, monitor to see where it fail

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    • Microsoft PowerApps and Dynamics 365 OnSelect Example

      Arpit Malhotra, 28 February 2017

      Microsoft PowerApps provides the ability to users at any level in an enterprise to create fully functional apps without having to write any code or any app development skills. You can use pre-built app templates or start from scratch and connect to your existing services such as Excel, Dynamics 365,

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    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Application Platform in a nutshell

      Arpit Malhotra, 25 January 2017

      Microsoft’s business application platform let organizations innovate business solutions faster. It helps them to build and extend modern business applications by composing analytics, user experiences, tasks automation all together using a wide-ranging and integrated set of services. It offers a rich

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    • Dynamics 365 Relationship Insights

      Arpit Malhotra, 09 November 2016

      Relationship insight is one the key feature that is backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that comes as a built-in feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The service is built on the Cortana Intelligence Suite and takes advantage of the Dynamic 365 common data model/service.

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    • O365 App Launcher introducing a new icon - Dynamics 365

      Arpit Malhotra, 08 November 2016

      You might just not see anything called "CRM" in your office 365 app launcher in the near future. Microsoft's next generation intelligent business application aka Dynamics 365 will replace the word "CRM" enduringly impacting businesses to grow, evolve and transform. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud

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