Microsoft Dynamics CRM and xRM User Group to be launched in Auckland March 2010

Mark Smith, 24 February 2010

We have been working over the past few months with Microsoft and other Microsoft Partners to setup a User Group in Auckland for users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


It has been a pleasure getting to know the representatives from the other partners here in Auckland.  In so doing we have created a collective pool of experience that we wish to share with the wider Microsoft Dynamics CRM community.


To date we have setup a User Group website that lists the oversight committee and details of upcoming events

The website has been built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and hosted on a Partner Hosted Solution provided by MHA.


We have built into the website the following functionally running entirely on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Event Management and Bookings
  • Membership Management
  • Forms allowing for posts and comments

The following elements are currently in developement but will be available soon:

  • Job Posting for those that work within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM industry in New Zealand.
  • News section for New Zealand
  • Training resources


We decided to build the website on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to demonstrate the versatility of the product.


Microsoft has recently updated its messaging on the use of CRM and xRM as follows:

“Instead of referring to an xRM platform we now reference CRM as: One Framework, Many Applications.  xRM is a business application framework that surfaces the Microsoft Application Platform to accelerate the Development of enterprise-class relational business applications.”  

We have found that when it comes to rapid secure deployment of business applications Dynamics CRM does allow you to build many applications on the Framework.  Allowing many applications to be built on this single framework naturally drives down the total cost of ownership (TCO).


So what does a website running on Microsoft Dynamics CRM look like?  Take a look here